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MindsEye Tech will now offer Blue Elm for future MEDITECH Extraction Support

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

MindsEye Tech will now offer Blue Elm for future MEDITECH Extraction Support.

June 5, 2019, Newington, NH- - MindsEye Tech, LLC announced today that going forward it will now offer Blue Elm for MEDITECH data extraction services at MEDITECH sites wishing to archive their legacy MEDITECH C/S, MAGIC, M-AT, Expanse, and LSS system. High quality work and fast turnaround allows us to bring Capstone live much sooner.

"Capstone's value is greatest when you can move 100% of all of the financial, clinical, stored reports and scanned documents into our Capstone repository in a timely fashion. Blue Elm provides a unique set of tools and skills to extract 100 % of the data from each MEDITECH module directly. The tools are extremely efficient and can allow us to deliver the Capstone Repository with all MEDITECH data significantly faster than before." said Tom Mulstay, President of MindsEye Tech, LLC.

About MindsEye Tech, LLC

MindsEye Tech provides legacy data management products and services. The Capstone Legacy DataView Repository can house any number of hospital and/or practice management systems and can be scaled to accommodate single or multi-site environments. Additional supporting services include: Legacy Data Assessments/Plans, Legacy Data Extraction Assistance and Legacy Data Conversions/Migration services.

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