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MEDITECH Validation, SQL validation


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Validate Data Repository Integrity and Re-send Missing Data In Minutes!

DrAuditor is the only independent tool designed for automating the process of validating MEDITECH’s Data Repository and resolving discrepancies. Installed in hundreds of hospitals, DrAuditor has been the gold standard for validating MEDITECH’s Data Repository for over 2 decades. DrAuditor works with ALL MEDITECH Platforms: Magic, C/S,

M-AT (6.x) and Expanse. 


Blue Elm’s DrAuditor application provides healthcare organizations with a way to ensure that information in the Data Repository is accurate and complete.   DrAuditor allows easy and quick validation of Data Repositories against proprietary MEDITECH databases. DrAuditor was created out of the need for healthcare organizations to have confidence in their Data Repository data.  DrAuditor is the fastest, most precise, and easy to use method for ensuring that your Data Repository is certified accurate.

Why do I need to audit?

A common question is:  Why is there a need to audit Data Repository when I don’t need to audit other MEDITECH applications?  The Data Repository is not your typical MEDITECH application. The DR is a copy of the MEDITECH transactional data in a relational database. The file captures and transfer processes are complex and data discrepancies are not unusual. If your organization is using or plans to use your Data Repository having the data be accurate is critical.  This is especially true when transactional data is purging and can not be recovered; and also giving your end-users faith in the quality and accuracy of the reports and applications you develop.

What are the benefits of DrAuditor with Requeue?

DrAuditor with requeue allows you to audit tables and if there are any missing rows or column discrepancies resend just those problem rows. There is no longer the need to run resource intensive and timely Initial Loads. The drawback to an Initial Load is that if the table is large it can take days to resend the data even if there are only a couple of missing rows. Your reporting and applications are essentially put on hold.  With DrAuditor and requeue  you no longer have to work with MEDITECH to set up and run Initial Loads or Special Initial loads. 


  • Resend missing data instantly.

  • Resend Column issues instantly.

  • Pick which tables you would like to resend data for in an audit.

  • No need to run initial loads to fix problem data.

  • No need to reach out to MEDITECH to have them set up Initial loads and Special Initial loads.

  • No waiting hours/days/weeks for Initial loads to run.

  • No need to send every row to a table if only a few are missing.

  • DrAuditor produces a report that flags any data that is attempted to be resent but does not make it to DR.  This report provides enough information for MEDITECH to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

  • Requeue helps troubleshoot and determine if an issue is ongoing.

  • You can quickly requeue and re-check just the problem rows to see if the requeue fixed the issues.

  • You do not have to wait for MEDITECH because you can control the resending of missing data.

  • There is no faster or easier way to make your Data Repository more accurate.


DrAuditor Vs Other Validation Solutions

MEDITECH Vs Blue Elm Validation,
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