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About Blue Elm Company


Blue Elm has worked with MEDITECH clients for 20 years. Our initial flagship product DrAuditor identifies and resolves discrepancies between the MEDITECH transactional environment and Data Repository. DrDashboard was created based on suggestions from our customers to have a web based comprehensive monitoring system for Data Repository and quantify factors like SQL space, latency and transfers all in one place. OpenGate is an ADO.NET driver that can access data directly from the MEDITECH application databases including real time patient data. OpenGate unlocks your MEDITECH data, allowing integration with countless third-party products and tools designed for industry standard database platforms. You can then use that data to feed web and mobile applications, reports and other custom solutions.  We have extensive experience with conversions of all types including transactional scalar values, report extractions, optical disk, and EMR.  Over 500 hospitals and vendors representing all MEDITECH platforms (Magic, C/S and Expanse) currently leverage Blue Elm’s products and services to maximize their investment in MEDITECH.

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