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DrDashboard Monitoring system for Data Repository



Click here for a tutorial of DrDashboard!

What is DrDashboard?

DrDashboard is a complete monitoring and alert system for your MEDITECH Data Repository. All aspects of data transfer and insertion are observed and analyzed continuously.  

DrDashboard Data Repository Monitor



Why was DrDashboard created?

DrDashboard was created as the importance of accurate, reliable, real-time data from Data Repository grew.  There is an increasing need to monitor the Data Repository transfer processes closely, quickly, and easily. As more reporting is done from Data Repository the need to make sure the data in SQL is accurate and up to date has become critical.

What’s monitored?

  • Transfer latency: MEDITECH transfer delays of data from the transactional database to SQL Server are monitored.

  • Errors: MEDITECH transfer errors are monitored along with SQL errors.

  • Initial Loads: The start, completion and duration of Initial Loads are all monitored.

  • SQL Metrics: SQL database and table space is monitored.  Fragmentation and other SQL database metrics can be monitored as well.

More about transfer latency

DrDashboard queries the MEDITECH transfer process and jobs real-time.  DrDashboard also monitors information in SQL Server.  All this information about the data transfer jobs and the application is gathered continuously.  Using sophisticated algorithms DrDashboard is able to provide precise information on how long its taking data once changed in the MEDITECH transactional system to be updated in SQL Server. This is critical if you have any real-time applications relying on Data Repository.  DrDashboard allows both the current state of the transfers to be viewed along with historical views so you can proactively determine when your DR transfers will fall behind and how to modify your transfers to improve performance.

Is there an alert system?

 The DrDashboard Alert System warns users via emails and the web based UI of slow transfers, halted transfer jobs, critical errors, space issues and more.  Custom alerts can be tailored to your MEDITECH system and your needs.


  • Save time and manpower by having DrDashboard monitor and alert you of any Data Repository transfer issues.

  • Feel confident your data is successfully populating in SQL Server.

  • Help improve the data transfer process by recognizing extremely active or slow tables that could be moved to their own transfer process.

  • View latency trends, errors, Initial Loads, and SQL Server space like never before.

Click here for a tutorial of DrDashboard!

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