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DrDashboard MEDITECH Data Repository Monitoring



Introduction to DrDashboard

A complete monitoring system for your Data Repository.  DrDashboard monitors your Data Repository’s transfer process, latency, SQL space, errors and much more. Alerts can be generated specific to your MEDITECH environment.

DrDashboard has 3 major components:

  • Web based UI:  View transfer latency, errors and Initial Load statuses and create customized alerts.

  • Service: The engine which controls gathering information about the state of your Data Repository and algorithms for processing this information.

  • DrDashboard SQL database:  Houses transfer job data, error messages and other information that has been queried from MEDITECH and SQL Server and processed by the Service.


Alerts are displayed across the top of the UI and are emailed to one or more recipients. These alerts are custom tailored to your specific MEDITECH environment. Alerts are typically “critical” messages letting you know if something is wrong with the DR transfer process or the storing of data (e.g., database our of space).

DrDashboard Alerts



Transfer job latency

Latency can be viewed globally but can also be viewed all the way down to the table level.  The latency graphs help show inconsistencies or changes in data transfer times which can indicate potential issues. Knowing your data transfers are running behind by minutes or hours allows you to be proactive in addressing these issues; preventing importance reports and applications from being inaccessible or corrupted.

DrDashboard Transfer Latency



Transfer job latency by application

Latency can be displayed globally (summary of all applications), by application or by table. 

Transfer jobs by application for Client



Transfer job Latency Heat Maps

Latency heat maps help you determine when the best and worsts time to run reports are based on activity and transfer latency. DrDashboard keeps historical latency information and updates the heat map to reflect the most active times of the day.

DrDashboard Heat Map



SQL Metrics

DrDashboard monitors SQL Server metrics so that issues on your SQL Server side do not impact your DR performance.

SQL Metrics
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