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OpenGate - MEDITECH Data Access


Open your MEDITECH databases with OpenGate

Click here for a tutorial of OpenGate!

What is OpenGate?

OpenGate is used by over 400 hospitals and vendors around the world for direct access to MAGIC, C/S, 6.x and Expanse databases. OpenGate is a database driver (ADO.NET) that runs queries against MEDITECH to make data easily accessible to external applications and platforms. It uses a SQL-like syntax  and it allows the use of MEDITECH indexes for highly efficient querying.  By accessing MEDITECH data directly in SSRS, XML and Excel you can harness the power of a modern report writer while keeping your MEDITECH data in MAGIC, C/S, or Expanse.  Accessing data real-time in MEDITECH alleviates many issues that creep up with an external database such as synchronizing data and latency issues.

OpenGate Query Analyzer


Why was it created?

Blue Elm, which was started by John Mackey more than 2 decades ago, creates products specifically designed to query and enhance MEDITECH systems.  John was one of the key people within MEDITECH working on interfacing/integration and developed the first HL7 interfaces at MEDITECH.  Using his low-level knowledge of the MEDITECH proprietary databases and system, John initially developed a product called DrAuditor; which helps MEDITECH clients authenticate the quality and content of their data repositories. When porting DrAuditor to .NET, OpenGate was created based on the ADO.NET specifications.  The MEDITECH community quickly realized how flexible and efficient OpenGate was at pulling dynamic MEDITECH data real-time and OpenGate was adopted into countless products and applications.

How is OpenGate used?

  • IT alerts boards

  • Notifications via Outlook  

  • Nursing whiteboards

  • Interface status notifications

  • Patient Portals

  • ED & OR applications

  • Trackers

  • Wait times

  • Bed usage reports

  • Web API

  • Enhance interfaces

  • Bed Board CS and Expanse Data



    What are the benefits of OpenGate?


    • OpenGate provides real-time fast and accurate data.

    • You have access to all stored data fields (NPR and Focus) in MEDITECH.

    • OpenGate allows cutting edge and cost effective tools and application to be created.

    • OpenGate allows you to open up MAGIC, C/S and Expanse databases directly using ADO.NET.

    • OpenGate allows the use of cutting edge technology such as: SQL Server,  SQL Server Reporting Services, C#, VB, Web Services, XML, Excel  and a host of other applications directly with MEDITECH data.

    • Using OpenGate eliminates the need for duplicating data since data is accessed directly from the MEDITECH system.

    • Very easy to integrate OpenGate into applications that are .NET compatible. 

    • OpenGate can be used to create dashboards, Windows applications, reports, web applications, portals, Web API, and more.

    Click here for a tutorial of OpenGate!

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