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Conversions MEDITECH Data Conversions and Archiving



Format, Package and Deliver your MEDITECH Data

Blue Elm specializes in MEDITECH’s complex underlying data structures. Querying, auditing and extracting MEDITECH data since 2001, we pride ourselves on our MEDITECH data structure knowledge.  If you require MEDITECH data (MAGIC, C/S, Expanse, EMR, Optical Disk, Data Archive, or Data Repository), as well as  Cerner, McKesson, Picis/MSM, and Iatric Systems data for any reason (converting to another system archive, interfaces, etc.) Blue Elm has the solution.

Blue Elm's conversion solution can format, package and deliver your MEDITECH or other HCIS scalar and reports data in an incredibly fast manner using our Bulk Data Extraction solution. Reports can be converted to text, PCL and/or PDF as part of our conversion process.  If there is a need for data in a relational database, flat files, or any other format, whether it is a small subset of data or complete databases, there is no quicker or more efficient solution anywhere.



Types of Blue Elm Conversions and Bulk Extractions

Bulk Extractions - Scalar/field level:  Extracts data out of MEDITECH and maintains its current format. The data is placed typically into a SQL database (though this data can be put into any database/format of your choosing) that mimics the naming conventions of MEDITECH’s database; Segment/Record become tables, and Elements/Fields become columns in those tables. This can be done based on as small of scale as a NPR Segment/Object Record or as large as an entire application. Simply put, a scalar extraction is a field conversion of the MEDITECH data into another database. Other common formats we convert to are include delimited/fixed file, and different RDBMs.

MEDITECH Scalar Extracts



Report Extractions – Render standard and custom MEDITECH reports en mass into a platform independent format (e.g. plain text or PDF). If there are only a few reports still being accessed from MEDITECH, it might be more cost effective to just pull copies of those reports into an archive. For legal reasons, having a copy of the report is a great idea.  MEDITECH reports, even relatively simple looking reports, most often are incredibly complex under the covers.  Extracting reports is a much easier solution than trying to duplicate complex MEDITECH reports from scalar data. 

Specification Extractions – Generate data to match another vendor system’s input specification (e.g., HL7 or delimited files).  These types of conversions are used when a site is converting data from a MEDITECH application into an analogous system owned by another vendor. For example: MEDITECH radiology results into GE Centricity Radiology. Generally requires some level of customization due to varied input requirements coupled with MEDITECH parameter settings and system customization.

Blue ELM's Conversion Architecture

Client Server Conversion architecture
Magic MEDITECH Conversion architecture
MEDITECH Expanse conversions diagram
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