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OpenGate - MEDITECH Data Driver



Intro to OpenGate


OpenGate is a database access technology for real-time data retrieval from MEDITECH’s Expanse, Client/Server and MAGIC platforms. OpenGate uses a SQL style syntax to query MEDITECH data directly. All OpenGate queries have a common set of keywords that define the fields and conditions of the data being requested from the database.

Included with OpenGate are the following:

  • Query Analyzer -a development tool for designing and writing queries

  • SSRS add-on - query data directly into Reporting Services Reports – no staging of data in SQL

  • SQL CLR integration - allows data to be queried directly into Microsoft SQL Server

  • Web service - query MEDITECH data directly through a web service for your custom applications

  • Database driver - ADO.NET database driver that can be used with any .NET development project


Query Analyzer

Query Analyzer makes use of OpenGate and allows for the development of queries with its extremely helpful toolset. This includes a schema browser for searching through the MEDITECH schema and examining data relationships.

OpenGate Query Analyzer



Schema Browser

The included schema browser lets you search through the MEDITECH schema to find fields and understand their relationships.

OpenGate Schema Browser - search MEDITECH schema.



OpenGate Syntax


Select [NPR Element or M-AT Field]

From/Join [NPR Segment or M-AT Record]

Where [Condition on Element or Field]



The SELECT clause defines the fields that will be returned in the query result.


The FROM clause defines the indexes and records that OpenGate will use in order to gather the fields in the SELECT clause(s).


The WHERE clause allows predicates to be added to the query so that records are only returned when they have certain properties






FROM MisPerson.IdX

JOIN MisPerson.Main

Use OpenGate within SQL Server, SSRS, C#, Web Service and more...

Bed Board App Using OpenGate
OpenGate SSRS Labor Board
Bed Usage Reports
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