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OpenGate - Direct MEDITECH data access



Berger Hospital

We have had MEDITECH since 2001. We used to use NPR exclusively to get data from Meditech whether in a printed tabular format or a pipe delimited file. We bought OpeGate a little over two years ago. Since then our productivity in producing reports and data has gone up exponentially. Oftentimes, the hardest part of developing a report or obtaining data is actually finding the data. With OpenGate, you can use their Query Analyzer to create ad hoc SQL like queries to Meditech's database and just look at a small snapshot of the database to see if you're on track in identifying the correct data.

We also use OpenGate to create web-based reports such as a Charge Nurse Census where our nurses can get instantaneous patient data that they are interested in (e.g. catheters, restraints, etc ...) A lot of our departments like data in Excel format. I have developed C# programs that utilizes OpenGate's SQL stored procedure to grab any data they are interested in an automatically populate an Excel spreadsheet.

 We also use OpenGate to easily get data required from vendors and output to delimited files according to their specifications.

If you have MEDITECH and don't use OpenGate, you are really doing your organization a disservice in data acquisition and analysis.



Mike Andre

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