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DrAuditor Setting Validation Speed Records

Everyone that uses DrAuditor already knows it is the fastest and most efficient solution for validating the data in your Data Repository. Recently DrAuditor made another milestone by running validation on a number of REG tables at an astounding speed.

Being able to validate your Data Repository data and correct discrepancies quickly has never been more important especially because a majority of COVID-19 reporting is now coming from the Data Repository.

So how fast was DrAuditor at validating over a billion rows of SQL Data Repository data? DrAuditor sampled and checked over 1 billion rows in under 4 days. That speed averages out to over 250 million rows a day and over 10 million rows an hour.

What’s so important about auditing so fast? Simple; the quicker you can validate the Data Repository, the quicker you can correct discrepancies (especially with DrAuditor's requeue functionality) and get back to reporting accurate data.

Blue Elm's DrAuditor is your critical tool to ensure all reporting out of Data Repository is accurate and valid; including COVID-19 data and other vital reports.

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