The best solution for monitoring your Data Repository

DrDashboard is a comprehensive monitoring system for your Data Repository and the DR transfer process. There is a high demand for  accurate real-time data out of the MEDITECH Data Repository(DR), but are you sure your DR is up to date? Are your transfers running? Do you have lots of pending activity? Are their errors preventing data from being sent from MEDITECH to DR? Are your Initial Loads still running properly? Do you have enough space in the SQL DR database to keep up with the millions or transactions being committed to your SQL DR databases?

If you have MEDITECH’s Data Repository these are the questions you may be facing every day. The great news is now there is an application that can help you monitor all of these things: from transfer jobs, to capture/transfer errors, to SQL space. DrDashboard provides critical information about the health of your Data Repository. With a user friendly web based interface and the option for automatic alerts you will know immediately if there is a problem with your Data Repository. Rest easy knowing the data you are providing to clinicians is up to date.

  • A complete Data Repository monitoring solution

    User friendly display
    Critical monitoring data all in one place
    Monitor MEDITECH DR transfers and errors
    Monitor DR SQL Space, errors, messages
    View pending acitivity instantly
    View pending activity by HCIS, Database and table levels
    View current running IL’s, CIL’s and SPIL’s

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