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Blue Elm Announces Requeue for DrAuditor

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The next evolution of validation is here!

Blue Elm has been validating MEDITECH's Data Repository for 2 decades. Up until now DrAuditor validated SQL tables and produced reports showing differences between MEDITECH and the SQL Data Repository. Now DrAuditor has the ability to resend missing and incorrect data it finds in DR.

Previously audit results would have to be reviewed by MEDITECH and in many cases an Initial Load was run on the problem tables. The problem with this method is that all rows for the table are resent to SQL Server; where the majority are probably not problem rows. This process is time consuming and resource intensive.

DrAuditor can resend just problem rows saving time and resources so that you can get back to using your SQL data for exciting reporting.

Please reach out to Blue Elm if you would like more information on DrAuditor with Requeue including a demo.

978.231.4430 x306

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