DrAuditor is a validation tool for your MEDITECH MAGIC\CS\MAT Data Repository.

DrAuditor is the fastest and most efficient auditing tool for MEDITECH’s Data Repository.  It was designed specifically for automating the validation process of MEDITECH’s Data Repository (DR). With a user-friendly interface, easy audit creation, detailed audit result reports, and flexible scheduling capabilities, DrAuditor can save you time while providing confidence in your Data Repository data.

Daily transactions between the MEDITECH applications and the DR can cause discrepancies and lead to inaccurate data in the Data Repository. Accurate DR data has never been more important, with many third party vendors relying solely on this data and its integrity. DrAuditor helps provide confidence in the Data Repository integrity by comparing records in the MEDITECH transactional environment with the data in the SQL Data Repository.Blue Elm’s DrAuditor has been validating MEDITECH’s Data Repository since 1999. We are proud to announce the next evolution of our validation tool. Our new DrAuditor uses OpenGate (our ADO.NET bases data driver) as the back end solution to query your MEDITECH system databases and compare the MEDITECH application data with the data in the MEDITECH SQL Data Repository system. This allows DrAuditor to audit MAGIC/CS and MAT data faster and more efficiently than any other solution on the market.

This evolution did not come overnight. Blue Elm has been developing this new DrAuditor for the past 7 years.  The outcome is a product that not only samples MEDITECH data quicker than any other data access solution but also has the functionality of auditing MEDITECH M-AT data. With an intuitive user interface and detailed audit reports, DrAuditor is the only solution of its kind.



  • Validating MEDITECH’s DR since 1999

    Installed in more than 200 MEDITECH hospitals
    Most comprehensive solution available
    Fastest comparison speeds
    Audit MAGIC, CS and MAT Data Repository data
    User friendly Interface

  • Features Include

    Find missing rows and disparate column values
    Side-by-side comparison of data
    100% sampling of table data
    Statistical validations
    Scheduling capabilities
    Email notifications
    Intuitive audit result reports


    1. Name the audit
    2. Select the tables to audit
    At this point either save and start your audit or:
    3.Choose whether you want to perform SQL only checking
    4.Choose the percentage of data to sample
    5.Choose to omit columns or not
    6.Choose to add an index or not
    7.Choose the MEDITECH application db’s to include
    8. Save and start(or schedule to run automatically)

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